Social projects

Social effective IT projects make the MegaCom Group of Companies different from the other companies. It is creation of a single information space for the Central Dispatching Office of the City that combines all life support services of the city as a single structure to make its work more accurate and efficient and for the educational institutions of Novosibirsk (a network combining higher education institutions, schools, the institute for further training of teachers and the department of education). The MegaCom Group of Companies has been taking part in the federal program of “Internet into Every School” since 2003, develops and implements local programs in more than 40 schools. In addition, we have performed the optimization of the operative communication for the Main Administration of Internal Affairs. We provide reliable access to the Internet and timely respond to wishes and new requirements of the organizations. Also in 2008 under the municipal program we implemented a pilot project of a Single Dispatching Service for the Kalininsky District, that combined 25 entities into a single information network: the emergency dispatch service, the administration of the District, housing maintenance administrations, homeowners partnerships, management companies.