About the company

Forwoll Group is an international innovation company that implements projects in the areas of power, aluminium industry, global communications, medicine, utilization and processing of solid domestic waste. Our technological solutions imply a complex approach. All projects are developed with account of specifics of a certain territory, local laws and traditions. We offer both ready-made solutions for your business and development of new technologies, competent audit of an enterprise and a quality investment strategy.

In our work we adhere to the three main principles that provide not only financial benefit for enterprises but also correct positioning, potential and safety. We create the new, not breaking the system of traditions and values that has formed on the territory. We are in favor of variety and complexity of the world. That’s why every project is adapted and changed to a certain region. We work for people. The world practice shows that those companies are on top which set global objectives of improving the quality of life. All this can be done, observing the balance of the interests, not sacrificing the profit, making a contribution to the economy and culture at the same time.

The Group consists of the companies that work in different industries: telecommunications, engineering, power, industrial production. In spite of the fact that these business areas have little in common with each other, the work in one team and the interpenetration of experience make it possible to create unique business strategies and implement very audacious projects, one of which is the “Project of an Aluminium Cluster in the Republic of Kazakhstan“.