Reconstruction of thermal power station No. 6 (TETS-6) of Irkutskenergo OJSC

Thermal power station No. 6 (TETs-6) of Irkutskenergo OJSC is a high-capacity power-generation facility, which includes 8 sources of centralized heat supply of the city of Bratsk, as well as 393.3 kilometers of networks of the city of Bratsk. 10 boiler units of the БКЗ-320-140 ПТ type and 5 turbine units (2 turbine units — ПТ-60-130/13 and 3 turbine units — Р-50-130/13) are installed at TETs-6. The installed heat capacity is 1,529.3 Gcal/hour. The installed electric capacity is 270 MW. A wide range of engineering and commissioning works was performed at the station, modern equipment was supplied and commissioned under the control of specialists of SibEnergoGroup CJSC. The term to implement the project is 2010-2013.

The full complex of the station reconstruction included:

Design stage:

  • Project documentation and working documentation for the reconstruction of a part of the heat supply system;
  • Reconstruction project for a boiler unit;
  • Reconstruction project for the main heat supply system;
  • Design of an area maintenance building No. 4.

Technological development:

  • Zoned calculations for furnace chambers of boiler units БКЗ-320. Development of technical regulations for boiler blow-off systems;
  • Project of installation of apparatuses for the complex clearing of the boiler unit heater.

Supply of boiler accessories:

  • Supply of apparatuses for steam and water blow-off (Clyde Bergemann);
  • Supply of ignition safety devices to equip the boiler unit of the station.


  • Commissioning of equipment produced by SibEnergoGroup CJSC for boiler unit No. 7.