Production of cast aluminium alloys

SibInvestGroup GC plans to build an enterprise producing cast aluminium alloys in the amount of 15,000 tons per year as part of the aluminium cluster concept on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Primary aluminium, both in the liquid state and in the form of castings, will be the source of raw material for this production.

The following main equipment will be necessary to implement the project:

  • Purpose-built vehicles to deliver liquid aluminium.
  • A furnace to melt aluminium.
  • Furnaces to alloy aluminium.
  • Mixer, if a single flow chart of casting is implemented.

A line to pour the cast aluminium as ingots (including alloy preparation).

The complex offer of large companies for the casting of aluminium as ingots includes the following systems:

  • A system to degas alloy.
  • A system to filter alloy.
  • A system to cast alloy as ingots.
  • A system to cool ingots (air and/or water).
  • A system to release and stack ingots.
  • A system of automated control.