Aluminium cluster. General description

Cluster of aluminium production in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

New point of economic growth


  • GiessenHaus research-and-production enterprise for alloying and developing new alloys
  • About five enterprises that specialize in the production of different alloys
  • At least three enterprises for the rolling of plates and strips
  • Sheet-producing enterprise
  • Foil-producing enterprise
  • At least two enterprises that produce profile, including industrial profile
  • Two enterprises that produce aluminium powders and paste
  • An enterprise that produces hot wire
  • An enterprise that produces aluminium wheels for automobiles
  • An enterprise that specializes in gravitation casting
  • About five enterprises that specialize in casting under low pressure
  • About three enterprises that specialize in casting under high pressure
  • Production of rondelles and aluminium tubes

Preferences of the Pavlodar Special Economic Zone (Pavlodar SEZ), that extend to the constructed aluminium cluster, create excellent prerequisites for investment activity and further stable development of the project.

The aluminium production cluster will become a base site for the development of the aluminium industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • It will make possible to implement investment projects into the next levels of aluminium process stages.
  • It will create a basis to prepare high-level specialists.
  • It will make it possible to start to develop high-technology science-based productions.

The implementation of a full-value cluster of aluminium production will make it possible to:

  • Increase the production of primary aluminium by 400 thousand tons per year.
  • Create productions of the next aluminium process stages.
  • Increase the amount of exported products by 320 thousand tons per year.
  • Create the growth of the gross revenue of the aluminium industry to $ 2,000,000,000.

The aluminium cluster is the stable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The following enterprises will be created as a result of the stage-by-stage development of the aluminium cluster in Pavlodar Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan: