SibInvestGroup LLC

The range of competences of the staff of SibInvestGroup MC covers not only the investment activity itself, but also engineering work that is performed in close cooperation with our partners and companies that are members of the holding.

The key competence of the company is that the staff of SibInvestGroup MC is able to model the investment activity of:

  • a large industrial enterprise,
  • a production cluster,
  • a territory.

The company has practical experience of implementation of investment projects all over the world. The study of modern foreign developments together with the unique experience of the specialists of our company make it possible to solve any tasks related to the financing of projects of the regional scale. The main advantage of the company is the complex approach in solving the most complicated tasks.

  • Research and development up to the stage of industrial introduction.
  • Engineering of large industrial clusters in such economy branches as: power, medicine, metallurgy, telecommunications, construction.
  • Feasibility studies for such projects that make it possible to increase their investment attractiveness.
  • A full complex of engineering services that makes it possible to give to the customer not the template solutions of local problems, but a system approach that implies introduction of investment attractive developments.
  • Financial-and-legal groundwork for investment projects. The work of our staff makes it possible to get access to financial resources for implementation of complex social-oriented business tasks.
  • Legal support to projects.
  • Modeling of investment activity of territories, increase of investment attractiveness.

In our work we adhere to the three main principles that provide not only the financial advantage of enterprises, but also correct positioning, potential and safety. We create the new, not breaking the system of traditions and values that has formed on the territory. We are in favor of variety and complexity of the world. That’s why every project is adapted and changed to a certain region. We work for people. The world practice shows that those companies are on top which set global objectives of improving the quality of life. All this can be done, observing the balance of the interests, not sacrificing the profit, making a contribution to the economy and culture at the same time.