MegaCom Group of Companies and Startelecom have combined to develop telecom services for local business

Dear Clients! We want to share news with you that is important for us! MegaCom Group of Companies, Startelecom and Brightcom have combined in order to develop telecommunication services at the regional level and to provide highly competitive services to the local business.

The city telecommunications operator, Brightcom, joined the structure of the MegaCom b2b provider in October 2015. In early August 2016 the deal of merger of StarTelecom and MegaCom was completed.

The program of combining the city telecommunications operators implies development of telecommunication services for the needs of the local business and with account of the economic climate in the region. At the same time the companies have more opportunities to compete with the large federal players.

“We have decided to consolidate the efforts of the city telecommunications operators, to create a strong team of regional players, in order to compete with the federal providers that also tend to “build muscle” due to the purchase of smaller regional companies. Our main task is to facilitate development of the local business. Together with our new partners we will be able to provide the small and medium business in Novosibirsk with a wide range of services at the most advantageous prices,” comments Dmitry Kirillov, Director of MegaCom GC.

The telecommunications operators envision that the development of the local telecom companies will positively impact on the quality of services and prices of federal players.

“It is difficult to compete with the federal providers. The budgets of the local companies are incommensurable, that’s why they try to find other ways of competition. It is flexible services and prices, special programs for medium and small companies of the local business. By means of developing, local companies stimulate federal players to increase the quality of their services,” notes Sergey Golubitsky, Chairman of the Club of IT directors of Novosibirsk.

Also the representatives of the combined company pursue the objective of facilitating the development of a positive image of the city as a whole. They believe that the strong local business is an evidence of the healthy economic state of the city, its social and cultural status.

Information about the companies

The MegaCom Group of Companies has been working on the b2b telecommunications market of Novosibirsk for more than 13 years. The company owns over 1,000 km of optical fiber communication lines. The company provides such communication services as broadband access to the Internet, telephony, combination of offices, lease of optical communication lines, a virtual automatic telephone station, lease of a virtual server, video observation, it also performs construction-and-installation works, etc. The share of the market in the b2b segment of the Internet was 8.5% in 2015.

StarTelecom has been working on the market of telecommunication services since 19 May 2004. It provides the following communication services under the brand of Startel to companies: broadband access to the Internet, telephony, design and installation of an SCS, a virtual office. The share of the company in the b2b segment of the Internet was assesses to be 1.3%.

The company of Brightcom was formed in 1996 as a small family business. The primary field of activity was pager communication. Brightcom has grown into a popular city brand over 20 years of work. The operator provides broadband access to the Internet to legal entities and private persons. The connection is wireless.